Celebrating Excellence: The WIPA Awards

It’s always good to know that the people planning, hosting and capturing your special day know what a real festivity is all about. Earlier this week, the head honchos of the wedding industry gathered together to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of their fellow businesses at the Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia (WIPA) awards.

Hosted by Wedding & Events of Australia (WEOA), the Awards were the perfect excuse for business owners in the wedding industry to glam up and enjoy a night of socializing and networking. The evening was held at the spectacular Doltone House, Sydney and was filled with a selection of Oyster Bay wines and the sweet melodies of musical duo, Duke Music.

The most significant event of the night was, of course, the announcement of the winners. Each WIPA submission received a rating against the Diamond Standard, and businesses who were awarded with one, two or three diamonds were recognized industry-wide as having excelled and flourished in their work.

What we love the most about the WIPA Awards is that they not only draw attention to the efforts of individuals in the industry, but are also a way of encouraging wedding businesses to pursue their highest aspirations.

Amongst the 45 businesses who were successful in receiving a 2 Diamond Rating were Couture Wedding Planning, Inlighten Photography, Lilli Marcs and The Honeymoon Boutique. All were recognized as being well-established businesses who boasted an abundance of positive testimonials.

Returning from the Awards with a more prestigious, 3 Diamond Rating were only seven businesses, including Makeup and Hair Boudoir, Milque Photography and Untitled Film Works. Receiving 3 Diamonds is a huge privilege, and is offered only to those who are stand out leaders in their field and who have little room for improvement. Congratulations to all those recognized for their enthusiasm and excellence!

For more information about the WIPA Awards and this year’s winners visit weoa.com.au/wipa-awards.

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Style Shoot: Jasmine Hoffman

We’ve developed a real liking for Jasmine Hoffman, a professional makeup artist, who takes to her clients as deliberately as a painter would take to a blank canvas, using ten years of experience and her manifest skill to create that enviable glow of bridal beauty.

Jasmine believes that every individual’s makeup can be the ultimate artistic expression of personality and charm, and should always leave them feeling completely radiant – a task that is somewhat second nature to Jasmine, as seen through her style shoot this month at the whimsical Whitecliff Park, Vancouver.