Be your best you on your big day

Celebrity stylist Amber Renae offers a quick and fun master class on maximising your best assets on your wedding day. Learn how to work your best angles in photographs, choose the right colours for your skin tone and walk with presence down the aisle.
Anyone in the fashion industry will tell you that there is a huge difference between working with an experienced model and a gorgeous amateur. An experienced model has had years of styling direction from photographers and stylists and is therefore aware of her best features and knows how to play them up while hiding less desirable aspects of her face and body (say big hips  — yes, even models have these issues). Regardless of how beautiful an inexperienced model is, the photographs produced are rarely as  strong as those created by a less attractive but more experienced model.

For most girls, the only styling direction we have had in our lives is “Say cheese!”.
Your wedding day will involve cameras pointing at you for literally the entire day, capturing every moment. Knowing your good angles and how to look your best in each photo will save time and give you much better wedding photos. Stylist extraordinaire Amber Renae has filled a much-needed void in the market with her bridal party styling sessions. Within a two-hour session, Amber will guide you and your bridal party through the art of posing for photos, walking down the aisle, sitting gracefully, getting out of a car and much more.
Our editor, hosted a bridal party styling session with her bridesmaids for a bit of fun before her wedding. “Amber has so much energy and brightens any room she is in. In a relaxed and fun environment, she showed us how to fix our posture, smile nicely in photos and paid attention to each of us, individually showing us our best angles. Even the groom got involved.”

Length: Two hours
Location: Your own home or a venue of your choice. Amber will come to you
Occasion: Fun activity to share with bridesmaids or family members, hen’s party, bridal shower, girls night in
• Walking
Correct posture for standing and walking
How to walk gracefully and at a perfect pace
How to walk in your dress/shoes
How to acknowledge guests as you are walking
How to hold a bouquet
• Sitting
How to gracefully get in and out of a car
How to take your seat during the ceremony
• Photo posing
How to find your best face angle
How to give your best smile
Best body angles
Group photo posing
How to pose with groom/ring/flowers etc
How to keep your hands straight in photos
• Individual analysis
Best facial angles and poses to suit each girl
Skin tone — what colours suit your complexion
Body shape — what dress styles will suit your body shape
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