Designer Profile: Croce & Colisimo Couture

Meet the duo behind one of Melbourne’s finest couture labels Croce & Colosimo 

Dynamic duo Mario Croce and Ines Colosimo have worked together for over 25 years crafting high-end, custom-designed couture wedding gowns and evening wear. Travelling yearly to Europe to source fabrics, the team are renowned for their quality fabrics, luxurious designs and signature craftsmanship. Having recently debuted on the Foxtel reality TV show Meet the Frockers, we saw a glimpse into their busy lives as designers and couturiers.

What is inspiring you at the moment?

Our recent trip to Paris has given us a new lease on life. We especially like laces and beautiful brocade fabrics and we are letting the fabric and lace do the talking.

What bridal trends can you see on the horizon?

The classic white wedding dress is coming back without the flecks of colour. We are seeing skin tones being utilised more in the bridesmaid dresses as well as the bridal gown, and dresses with a lower bodice are definitely on trend at the moment — the more figure-hugging gowns with sex appeal, the better!

What style or fashion advice do you have for brides?
Choose something that flatters your body shape and you feel fabulous in. Also, when trying on gowns, do not stand on platforms or boxes as it doesn’t give a true indication of your height and how it will look on you.

How would you describe your current bridal collection?
Classic gowns with a modern twist. We are using French laces and intricate beading inspired by our Parisian getaway!

What makes a timeless, elegant wedding dress?
A gown that’s made in high-quality fabric that you have fallen in love with. One you can look back on and still love in years to come — a style statement, not just a fashionable trend.

Do you have any tips on storing the dress before the big day?
Make sure the gown is hanging high and not touching the floor and maybe don’t show it to too many people, just so it’s a surprise on your wedding day!

What’s your favourite part of designing and making a wedding dress?
The designing part; it’s so creative and your mind just runs away. I also love the journey we have with the client from start to finish; it’s a beautiful experience making her dream come true.

Who wore your favourite celebrity wedding dress and why?
Grace Kelly, because her dress was classical, elegant and timeless.

What is the best part of your job?
Designing, talking to people, trying on gowns — I love everything I do!

If you didn’t design wedding dresses what would you do?
I can’t see myself doing anything else, and why would I want to?

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