DIY Wedding Photography

Words: Jacinta Newbold

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and never is this more true than on your wedding day. But while professional photography at your wedding ceremony is paramount in ensuring special moments are perfectly captured, the reception offers a great opportunity for family and friends to get ‘snap happy’ and share in the documentation of your first party as husband and wife. Here are some fun ways your guests can embrace their inner photographer and save you some cash at the same time.


These vintage-style photos are making a serious comeback! While digital cameras allow us to capture and store multiple photos, nothing beats holding a treasured moment in your hand. Polaroids are pretty much instantaneously printed and can be used as personalized décor at your wedding reception. At the end of the party, they also make for awesome take home mementoes for your guests.

Social media

All hail social media! In 2014, modern technologies are making it easier for us to share photos with both our loved ones and the world. At your reception, ask your guests to use a specific hash tag on their photographs. This way when they share them on applications like Instagram and Facebook, you can easily find them later on.

While you’re at it, invite guests to join special wedding-specific applications like snapable.  The app is $79 for the bride and groom to purchase and is free for their guests to use. Simply asks guests to take photos with the app and just like that, you’ve got your own digital photo album snapped from every point of view.
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Nothing screams fun like a photobooth. While you can hire a company to bring their booth to your reception, why not make your own? Simply set up a backdrop, provide some quirky props, place a camera on a stand (ensuring you have a remote shutter device to snap your photo at the appropriate time) and voila! You’ve got hours of guest entertainment sorted.

Digital cameras

While disposable cameras are fun, they make it hard to take a good selfie. Step into 2014 and get together a collection of digital cameras to place on the tables at your reception. If you don’t have family and friends willing to offer their camera to the clutches of wedding-happy guests, there are companies that hire out digital cameras at a reasonable price. At the end of your day, collect all the memory cards and just like that, you’ve got a collection of candid shots from each table of guests (let’s hope the ‘delete’ button can be disabled-we’re sure there’ll be some crackers!).
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Unofficial photographer

Got a younger cousin or family member attending your wedding that doesn’t belong at the kiddy table, but won’t be found sipping champagne either? Give them a special job for the day and ask them to take some photos for you. More often than not, the tech-savvy youngster will love playing amateur photographer and will be grateful you’ve given them a role on your big day.

DIY guestbook

Although we should all be able to put a face to a name (it is YOUR wedding after all), it doesn’t hurt to have a picture accompany a message of well wishes. Not only will a guestbook with photos make for entertainment at your reception, it will come to be a treasured item in years to come. Ask guests to stick Polaroid pictures of themselves in a scrapbook with a message next to them, or get creative and make a book out of the actual photos with messages inscribed on the back.

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