The top 5 wedding accounts to follow on Twitter:


5. Wedding Market  @weddingmarket  55k followers

These guys are a one-stop-shop for those who want to know, or are in, the wedding industry. Showing trends and marketing information about the wedding industry, as well as the bridal market, these folk are a great source of information and a fantastic insight into how vendors and designers interact and share their ideas.


4. Wedding Wire  @WeddingWire  181k followers

Based in Washington, these people provide fantastic ideas to make the planning and execution of your wedding as easy as possible. Their twitter account is a great place to wile away the hours and get inspired for your own wedding.


 3. Weddingbee  @weddingbee 36k followers

This account is a great way to feel a part of a huge community interested in weddings. Build your own online presence by interacting with the various bloggers who are mentioned on weddingbee’s twitter account. (Favourite post: 63% of women wouldn’t say yes to a Jumbotron proposal at a stadium – would you?)


 2. Ruffled®  @ruffledblog 44k followers

Ruffled’s account revolves around creative, DIY approaches to your own wedding and can be an amazing source of inspiration, from saving on just some of the smaller aspects of your wedding to designing an amazing wedding day at a minimal cost. With references to both Australian and international weddings, they are a great way to gauge wedding trends around the world.


1. Vera Wang @VeraWangGang 500k followers

This has to be our number one source of inspiration and general drooling. An American based fashion designer, Vera Wang has been a source of industry idolisation for decades and her twitter account is the number one place to keep up to date with her latest designs and personal opinions. (Latest post we love: “A wedding gown is about self-expression. It’s about a woman’s creativity, sense of self, intelligence and sense of romance.”)


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A Favourite Wedding Planning App:

Wedding Planning App Image

Having recently posted about fantastic wedding inspired apps as well as wedding organisers, here is a detailed look at one of the best wedding planning apps available on the market.

Developed for the iPad by Createful, designers had user experience at the forefront of their minds when creating Wedding Planner.

This app puts all the little things you would need to keep in check into the one app.
You can manage your seating plan within a designated section of the app, adding tables, rotating them, adding guests from your guest list and managing more than one template if you want to see how different arrangements work or if you have multiple rooms in use on the night.

As mentioned, the guest list is covered, including those that are there for the whole day
or an evening only guest, plus their RSVP status and any other notes you wish to add.

Colour schemes are covered, as well as To-Do lists and quick post-it style notes
that you can drag around your home screen.

But there are three major faculties of this app that will make it that much less stressful to organise your wedding.

1.    A Budget Planner: forget about countless spreadsheets and lost pieces of paper under    the couch; your entire budget can be planned and adjusted within this app.
2.    A Vendors List: you won’t be able to create your budget if you don’t have a clear idea of the various company’s you will be using to service the success of your wedding. You can track costs, what you have paid and what you have yet to pay and get an overall idea of what your spend will be.
3.    A Day Schedule: you can have the entire wedding day planned to the minute (though we know how impossible this can be). But there is no doubt that you will be able to plan out the major events of the day, and finally export this timeline for your bridal party and family so they know what will be going on.

This app is a great mix of creatively led design with considered substance: unlike some other similar apps, this has everything you need to keep your ideas and plans in order.

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10 Wedding apps you’ll fall in love with

10 Wedding apps to fall in love with
By Samantha Little 

Get tech savvy with your wedding planning with these helpful weddings apps in the palm of your hand. There’s an app for everything from planning to speeches, here’s our pick of the 10 wedding apps you’ll fall in love with;

1. Wedding Party App
Price: Free
System: iTunes, Google Play
Why we love: Bride and Groom can sign up their wedding and use the wedding name as the secret password. Connect with guests of your wedding party wedding, to share photos, notes and memories.

 Price: Free
System: iTunes
Why we love: Wedding inspiration mixed with online wedding shopping. Search, save, shop and share weddings inspiration and products. Create bundles of inspiration from hundreds of photos. This is an American based company, which means most shop items are from the U.S, check for international shipping options. iTunes 

3. Eversnap – Wedding Snap
Price: Free
System: iTunes, Google Play
Why we love: Share photos instantly from your mobile, or upload later on the website. Eversnap allows instant sharing between guests of your gorgeous wedding shots. Great to create albums to share for the engagement and bachelorette too.
Wedding Snap – Google Play
Wedding Snap – iTunes

4. Wedding Speech Creator
Price: $2.99
System: iTunes
Why we love: Learn tricks of the trade of giving speeches at wedding. Whether you’re the bride and groom or the hilarious maid of honour (at least you think you are) the perfect speech will be written for you will all of the sentimental details.
Wedding Speech Creator – iTunes

5. Appy Couple
Price: Free
System: iTunes, Google Play
Why we love: An ultimate wedding planner with quirky touches. Everything from alarms and planning management to interacting with guests and photo sharing on the day. Add design themes to match your wedding.

6. Tiffany and Co Ring Finder
Price: Free
System: iTunes, Google Play
Why we love: Spend endless hours browsing through the Tiffany and Co collections to find the perfect engagement and wedding rings. There is also an engagement notice  to send out notes to friends and family, announcing your happy engagement.
Tiffany and Co Ring Finder – iTunes
Tiffany and Co Ring Finder – Google Play 

7. iWedding Deluxe
Price: $4.99
System: iTunes
Why we love: iPhone users will love the iWedding Deluxe, with easy to use iPhone features. Easy to export info from the app by email to move information lists around easily.

8. Wedding Plandroid
Price: Free
System: Google Play
Why we love: Simple to use wedding list planner for android users. Allows brides and grooms to follow budget planners and track the progress of planning, counting down to the big day. Keep track of RSVPs and keep contact details of vendors and caterers.
Wedding Plandroid Blog 

9. Pro Wedding Planner
Price: $5.49
System: iTunes
Why we love: Simplify your wedding by keeping all your information linked in one app. Import your own seating charts, control thank you notes and set reminders so that everything is covered.

10. How to tie-a-tie
Price: Free
System: iTunes, Google Play
Why we love: An app that the boys will love. Step by step instructions to tie special knots including Windsor knots and pocket squares.
How to tie-a-tie – iTunes
How to tie-a-tie Google Play 

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Wedding Planning Helpers

Organisation is the key to a successful wedding. Here are our favourite little wedding planning helpers. By Tahlecia Love

We’re not going to lie; planning a wedding can become just a *little* bit stressful with so many elements involved. Many brides prefer to plan their special day by themselves, however it can become quite daunting if you haven’t done it before and you may not know where to start, so here are a few helpful organisers to assist you in your planning. Documenting it all will mean you can look back on it later and relive the special moments that you created.

The kikki.K Wedding Organiser, $39.95, is in a folder form and consists of seven divider tabs with helpful prompter sheets including a wedding countdown checklist, guest list, budget checklist and allows you to add in and keep together your various receipts, price quotes etc.


If you’d prefer more of a journal format, kikki.K also have their Wedding Notes journal , $29.95, which is a more compact size and includes helpful checklists, appointment trackers and budget sheets.


Papier D’Amour offer a flexible leather Bride’s Notes book, $60,  that can be used as journal for thoughts or notes while planning.


Pepe’s Paperie also offer a variety of wedding organisers on their website, ranging from $19.95 to $54.95. The featured wedding planner has eight dividers and lined notepaper, $24.95.

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Kitchen Tea Party – Themes

By Samantha Little

A kitchen tea party traditionally celebrates a bride being hitched to the kitchen. Female friends and family of the bride bond over tea and cakes, sharing recipes and bringing kitchen presents. But if your bride is already a domestic goddess, why not host a themed kitchen tea for the adventurous, cute or quirky bride to be?

candle in a teacup

Floral Kitchen Tea

A typical kitchen tea party with arrangements of flowers, floral tea sets, paper doyleys and a large selection of sweet treats.

Location: Garden or patio

Time: Afternoon tea

Tea: Floral tea, rose tea, camomile, earl grey, green tea.

Food: Savoury bites, sandwiches, sweet biscuits for dipping. Set up a sweet and savoury popcorn bar for guests to flavour their own bags of popcorn, provide flavoured salts, rocky road, caramel and butter toppings.

Guest Gifts: Coloured cookie cutters of all shapes and sizes or coloured kitchen items such as wooden spoons or egg whisks.

Activities: Get crafty; create personalised teabags from coffee filters or make you own teacup candles.

High Kitchen Tea:

Ever dreamed of sipping tea with a royal? Set a decadent dining table with cake stands and vintage fine china plates.

Location: Kitchen or dining room

Time: Afternoon tea

Tea: Earl grey, English breakfast with cream and sugar on the tables.

Food: High tea stands with pinwheel sandwiches, scones and jam, petite fours.

Guest Gifts: Silver spoons

Activities: Create a cupcake bar – customise your cupcake with icing, sprinkles, glitter and sugar art flowers.

Raspberry and Vanilla Sundaes - Martha Stewart

Breakfast Brunch Tea:

Perfect for an early kick off, piles of pancakes and mimosas all round.

Location: Kitchen

Time: Breakfast/brunch

Tea: English breakfast of course.

Food: Breakfast bar of savoury or sweet options, oatmeal cookies, make you own muesli, pikelets and egg and bacon mini muffins. Some make sneak a cheeky champagne cocktail.

Guest Gifts: Tea or jam gift packs.

Activities: Get guests to share sweet and savoury recipes and create a book of secret recipes for the bride!

Mad Hatter’s Tea party:

Bring out the magic of a childhood tea party with an Alice in Wonderland or Mad Hatter’s theme. Think green grass and playing cards, dozens of roses and white rabbits.

Location: Garden

Time: Afternoon tea

Tea: All kinds, mix and match teapots and coloured cups.

Food: Tea party foods, Tic Toc cup biscuits, Spoon cookies, Drink Me potions and Eat Me cakes.

Guest Gifts: Packs of playing cards or red roses.

Activities: ‘Lolly Lane’ – use lolly jars and custom gift bags. Lolly bags for the child in all of us.

Chinese tea ceremony

Drinks of the World:

For the adventurous bride, take a trip around the world.

- Oriental tea party: Drink jasmine tea out of china cups or have a Japanese tea ceremony.

- Mexican: For the non-tea drinkers, strap on a sombrero and hang some paper flowers for a Mexican fiesta party with sweet quesadillas.

- Tiki: Pineapple punch and flower leis for the bride who’d rather have a fruity cocktail out of a coconut.

Charity Kitchen Tea:

With all the wedding gifts from the engagement and reception, Why not host a charity kitchen tea? Sip tea and give to a good cause.

- Pink Ribbon Tea: Everything pink! Iced vovos, pink lemonade and fairy floss machines to support breast cancer research.

- Daffodil Day Tea: Drink camomile tea with lemon and spread daffodils all around for The Cancer Council, send guests home with daffodils seeds to plant.

Picnic in the park

Picnic Tea Party:

Laid upon a grassy flat, spread some picnic rugs with a delectable array of baskets and breadrolls.

Location: Grass area, picnic area.

Time: Lunch, afternoon tea.

Tea: Green, peppermint, fruity tea.

Food: Picnic baskets filled with sandwich supplies, fresh fruit, cheeses plate with quince paste and a picnic punchbowl.

Guest Gifts: Mini gift baskets

Activities: Lawn rounders, bat tennis, hopscotch, rope ring toss.






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How to Have an Awesome Hen’s Night on Any Budget

By Elly Klein

As a hens’ night entertainer (I have a humorous and somewhat educational show called the Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates Hens-travaganza), I know one of my clients’ main concerns is price. They want to organise something fun and memorable without breaking the bank.

Hen’s nights can be out-of-control expensive. It shouldn’t cost a small fortune to get together with the gals and celebrate a bride-to-be’s last big night out as an unmarried woman (unless everyone’s agreed they want to splurge). Hen’s nights are a great bonding experience, so it’s important for the bride to have as many of her female friends and family members there as possible. It would be terrible if half the invitees couldn’t afford to attend.

So, I’ve compiled a list of over 69 ideas to get your party started. There are four categories: Tight Budget, Moderate Budget, Big Budget and Any Budget. The Any Budget ideas are games and goodies you can incorporate into your party to create a true hen’s night experience.


If you want to keep things as inexpensive as possible, the hen’s night will need to be held either in someone’s home or a public place, such as a park or beach. This way, you can ask guests to contribute a small amount or bring along a plate and/or bottle. Ideas:

  • Slumber Party: PJs, cocktails, chocolate and chick flicks. What could be better?
  • Naughty Trivia: Search online for ‘naughty trivia questions and answers’, and create a fun, girly trivia night.
  • High Tea: Cupcakes, macarons, finger sandwiches, exotic teas, bubbly, fresh flowers and tiered plates make for a lovely high tea at home.
  • Singstar Party: Bring your Singstar DVDs and best karaoke voice!
  • Picnic/Beach Party: Add a theme, such as Hawaiian, and have an outdoor hen’s party.
  • Topless Waiter: For a nominal amount per head, simply add a topless waiter to turn any party into a hen’s night.
  • Shoulder Massage Party: Search online for ‘hen’s night massage’ or ‘corporate massage’, and enjoy a little pampering while you party.


A hen’s night at this price point is the most common, as it usually includes one activity. Again, if you host the party in someone’s home or head back there afterwards, you’ll be able to keep costs down. There are so many fun and unique bonding experiences to choose from. Here are some favourites:

  • Entertainment: Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates Hens-travaganza, male strip show/dance troupe, burlesque show, a play, musical or comedy show, a Gold Class movie experience, tarot card reader/clairvoyant…
  • Fun Lesson: Wine (and cheese) appreciation, cocktail-making, cupcake-making, jewellery-making, art class (with nude male model), theatresports…
  • Tour: Winery tour, shopping tour, ghost tour, chocolate and/or coffee tour, pub crawl…
  • Dance Class: Lap dancing, pole dancing, 80s dancing (with costumes), hip-hop dancing (with costumes)… There’s also ceroc, tango or salsa dancing, but it’d be nice to have some hot guys there to partner up with.
  • Sport: Horse-riding, surfing, ice-skating, rollerblading, hiking, ten-pin bowling, lawn bowls…
  • Outing: Amusement park, expo (such as Sexpo or the Mind Body Spirit festival), karaoke, paintball, something that’s unique to your city (such as jet-boating on Sydney harbour)…
  • Pamper: Massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, other treatments… in a day spa or by using a mobile spa service.
  • Purchase: Party plan sex toys, lingerie, shoes, jewellery, clothes… Pitch in to buy something for the bride.
  • Dinner: Degustation with matching wines, three-course meal with pre-dinner cocktails… In this case, adding an activity might make the whole hen’s night too expensive, so perhaps just stick to a lavish girly dinner party.
  • Big Night Out: Forget dinner. Meet at a bar, club or casino and have a big night out!


Occasionally, there will be a hen’s night where everyone agrees to splurge. In this instance, here are some ideas that are a little pricier than your average:

  • Ski/snowboard trip: Sharpen your edges and hit the slopes.
  • Tropical resort trip: Lie in the sun, read trashy books/mags and flirt with cabana boys.
  • Road trip: Hire a house for the weekend, jump in the car and off you go.
  • Vegas (or equivalent): Sip cocktails by the pool, gamble, go to a show, go clubbing, have a blast!


Regardless of your budget, it’s probably worth throwing in a few traditional games and goodies for an authentic hen’s night experience. Suggestions:

  • Goodies: Search online for ‘hen’s party supplies’ or head to your local cheap & cheerful store to stock up. Just don’t go overboard, or it’ll look tacky.
  • Bride & Groom Trivia: How well does the hen know her fiancé? Ask the groom a list of questions ahead of time. For every answer the bride gets wrong, she has to do a shot or take a sip of her drink. Ask questions like: What’s his middle name? What’s his favourite movie? Besides you, who would he turn to in a crisis?
  • Wedding Dress Design: You will need lots of white toilet paper rolls, plus scissors and sticky tape. Each team must design a wedding dress with the materials they’ve been given. One model per team. The hen chooses the winner.
  • Post-it Memories: On a Post-it, guests have to write down a memory they have of the bride and stick it to a wall. She must then take each one down, read it out and say who she thinks wrote it. For every one she gets wrong, she has to do a shot or take a sip of her drink. Give her something nice to keep the Post-its in.
  • Hen’s Challenge: Purchase a lovely gift for the hen, but make her earn it. Give her a short list of cheeky challenges to complete, such as: get a single man to buy you a drink, get a piggy-back ride around the bar, wear your bra on the outside of your clothes (in public!) for five minutes
  • Naughty Sculpture: Out of Play-Doh, guests must craft a life-like sculpture of a penis. The sculptor of the appendage the hen finds most appealing wins a prize.
  • Pin the Willy: Remember Pin the Tail on the Donkey? Well, this is the grown-up version – Pin the Willy on the Hunk. Purchase a Pin the Willy kit online or at a cheap and cheerful store.
  • Womanly Advice: On a nice piece of stationary or in a journal, guests need to write one piece of marital advice for the hen. Once everyone’s finished, they can stand up and read out their piece of advice. It’s also a lovely keepsake.

There. Over 69 ideas to get your ultimate girly party started. Happy hen’s night!

Elly Klein is a professional writer, author and humorist. She’s the author of Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates, the most delicious relationship advice book ever, which is now a decadent hen’s night event running in multiple cities. For the full free seven-page version of her hen’s night guide, simply email her on

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Eternal Bridal VIP weekend

If you’re ready to start the dress hunt, Eternal Bridal is having a VIP weekend next weekend at their Brunswick boutique.
Bring along your family and friends, indulge in fine champagnes, canapés, and macaroons upon your arrival. You will be treated with a mini makeover, before being styled by their bridal stylists in a gorgeous collection of bridal gowns.
Furthermore, attendees will get the chance to win attractive door prizes valued over $500. Prizes include facial treatment voucher by Natskin, guest book package by Cailin Alainn, nail shellac package by Jet Nail and bottle of champagne by Balgownie Estate.
You will also walk away with a bridal goodie bag, worth over $70 in value, which includes a copy of Complete Wedding Melbourne magazine, spa vouchers, perfume, a box of premium chocolates¬¬ and more.
When: Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of October
Where: Eternal Bridal Boutique, Sydney Road, Brunswick
VIP event is strictly by appointment only, and is limited to 30 bookings. To reserve your VIP experience, call 03-93802662.

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DIY Destination Weddings

Destination weddings

Don't forget the logistics when it comes to your destination wedding

A personal, DIY wedding is still possible when you get hitched overseas. By Narrelle Williams, Director and Wedding Planner from Global Weddings

As specialists in destination weddings, brides come to us at Global Weddings all the time to co-ordinate their dream weddings in Bali, Mexico, Thailand and many other exotic locations. Brides usually have a real vision for what they want their day to look like but don’t realise the resorts don’t have most of what they’ll need to create that vision.

With most brides wanting to personalise their weddings with DIY touches to help create their vision – chalk boards, jam jars, fairy lights and candles on the beach – we work with them to figure out the best way to do this as we’re about making sure our clients have their dream destination wedding.

Destination brides often forget to factor in the logistics around sourcing and shipping of these items on to their to-do lists and into their budget, so the effort and money that goes into these details isn’t realised until the last minute. These logistics need to be considerations from the get go when planning any destination wedding.

Destination weddings have much more to plan for than people think, so here are my top tips to help make your day everything you dream it to be:

» Pre-plan the planning – you may think yourself one laid back bride for going the destination wedding route but you know deep down that you are a bridezilla, so avoid unnecessary stress and think about every aspect of you and your guests’ travel as well as the day itself to ensure it’s all on your to-do list.

» Budget – for the shipping of items overseas and decide what details are important to you for the day. If it’s not worth the hassle, forget about it. There is so much to remember which is why an overseas wedding planner will assist and ensure you don’t forget anything.

» The dress – it’s big, it’s beautiful and how the heck are you going to get it on a plane? Unless you’re willing to wear it on the plane you’ll need to wear a non-traditional and easily packed fitted dress for your destination wedding or you’ll need a special dress box freighted to your hotel – check your dress maker to see if they have one otherwise you can discuss your boxing needs with your shipping company. Full service airlines will allow you to take the dress on board and hang in their business class cupboard even if you are flying economy. You run the risk of your wedding gown getting squashed but if you’ve got a steamer at destination it should be okay.

» The details – The likes of Thailand, Fiji and The Cook Islands don’t specialise in crafty DIY items – no, mason jars, fairy lights or craft and vintage stores for your finishing touches and if there are any for hire, be warned prices will be very high ($12 per medium-sized candle)! You need to think about how you’ll get the goods to your destination wedding safe and sound.

» Shipping – Do your research and cost comparisons to decide on your shipping company now. There’s a ton of great companies such as PACK & SEND who specialize in sending delicate items to exotic locations. Your other option is to carry whatever you need with you, so move those new bikinis and shoes aside and pack it all in! Look at whether checking additional bags or paying for extra weight there and back is cheaper than shipping.

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The Charity Bride

Your wedding can be about more than a couple – consider lessening your wedding’s impact on the world with recycling where possible, being generous and involving charities. By Chloe Beesley

If you’re the kind of bride to be who finds it hard to justify spending so much on your wedding, here are some great ideas and tip on how to give something back after the big day, and ways in which your wedding can contribute to society.

The Big Aussie Swap is happening for Plant Ark’s National Recycling Week from November 11-17, 2013. It is a great opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer want whilst also finding new treasures – all without digging into your pocket! As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure so get involved and swap with your friends and family, or keep an eye out for large swap parties in your local area.

When it comes to weddings, there is so much possibility for finding or giving away items at a swapping party. After all, every bride needs the “four somethings” and this is a sure way to find something old to go with the new, something borrowed and something blue. It is also a great idea to recycle things like decorations, centre pieces and candles. Even wedding dresses can be reused and recycled by being altered, turned into a christening dress or by having the fabric used for decoration.

Hosting your own swap party is definitely an option, and if you’ve already organised a wedding this will seem super easy to arrange! The general idea is to tell all your friends and family to bring along good quality products that they no longer want. Each item is registered in exchange for a token, and then these tokens are swapped for other people’s things.

Cut down waste at the wedding reception

There is no denying that weddings are generate a load of waste, such as food, garbage, paper and cardboard, so why not make the best day of your life even better by helping others? Recycling food through organisations like OzHarvest is a great way to help out other people in need and avoid wasting all that great produce that you have already paid lots of money for.

It’s fun, free and the feeling of helping others and the environment is priceless.

Wedding favours and gift registries

Some couples just have everything they need. Share the love around and instead of getting more stuff or money, if you guests want to commemorate your nuptials with a gift, give your guests the option to donate to your chosen charity through sites such as Everyday Hero or Karma Currency. You’ll be in good company with this giving option: lots of well-known personalities have gone down the charity path in lieu of wedding gifts, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

If you want a traditional registry but still want to include a charity element to your day, donate on behalf of your guests instead of giving wedding favours. Even with this option, you can provide something for your guests to take home, for example you can donate through buying them all a charity ribbon or a Red Nose for SIDS and Kids. Oxfam shops have a great range of Fair-Trade items that would be suitable for bomboniere, from organic Amazonian chocolate-coated coffee beans to etched glass candle holders from India.

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Eternal Bridal Trunk Show now on

Don’t miss the last Trunk Show event of 2013. This Trunk Show features some of the best collection yet from top New York Bridal labels: Lazaro, Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm, Tara Keely and Hayley Paige. These never seen before gowns are here in Australia and are available to try on for a limited time only.

For this month only, you’ll receive up to 15% off on this collection.

When : Now until the end of September 2013
Where: Eternal Bridal Boutique, Shop 5, Sparta Place, Brunswick, Victoria

Phone 03-9380 2662 or visit the web for more details

Appointments required – limited bookings remaining.

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