Organising your wedding from the other side of the world – tips for long distance planning

Wedding photography specialist and writer for Viva Photography Jayde Ferguson explores planning your dream wedding abroad.

Let’s be honest, wedding planning can get a little hectic at the best of times. The little things build up quickly, the running around and all the decisions and even when it’s right in front of you, it can be hard to keep everything together. But, if that wasn’t a challenge enough today’s increased mobility has given brides and grooms a brand new wedding planning dilemma – and that’s the long distance wedding.
Whether it’s to go back to your roots or to say ‘I do’ on an exotic island, planning a wedding from the other side of the world can make you want to tear your hair out. At the end of it though, when you’re sharing the special day with your spouse, family and friends in your awesome location – it’ll all be worth it. How do you make the ride there smooth though? We look into some tips to give you the wedding of your dreams, in the perfect location, with the least amount of stress possible.

Location, Location
The location of your wedding should be chosen carefully, from cost to guest travel and the significance of the place for you and your partner. Once you have decided on the location, consider the venue and have a wedding planner, friend or family check the place out in person and take photos. Don’t forget about your guests too; long distance weddings will require friends and family to book flights and sort out a place to stay so make sure the venue is easy to get to and near accommodation.

Know the Marriage Requirements
Once you and your partner have decided upon the location, one of the first things you need to do is check the marriage requirements. Each place has something different to consider. Some require a special wedding license and for others you will need to sign and sort out the paperwork when you get back home to make the marriage legal. It’s important you check out this information early in the planning stages (and before you start booking flights and venues).

Here or There?
Not everything you plan for your wedding will need to be done from the one location. Make a ‘here or there list’ to figure out what can be done from where you are and what can be arranged at your wedding destination. The more you can get done from where you live, the better – your dress, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, invitations and favours can all be organised from home. Catering, makeup and hair stylists will need to be booked from the wedding location or require great communication and pictures to get exactly what you are after.

Know When to Go Local
Depending on the whereabouts of your wedding, some things are just best to be done locally – whether it works out more cost effective or a better option for you and your partner. For example, some couples opt to use a photographer based in their hometown, fly them over and pay for accommodation. When there is someone you really want to work with, it can be an ideal option for many couples especially when wedding photography can be such a personal preference and tends to require meeting the photographer first. This is also a common decision with music organisation, where the band or DJ is flown over from the couple’s hometown.

Simplicity is Key
Planning a long distance wedding doesn’t need to be made any harder than it already is – so keep it simple. Minimalism will make life easier for you and take a good amount of the headache out of planning. It doesn’t mean to say though you have to opt for paper plates and plastic utensils, just be flexible with your decisions.

Plan a Planning Trip
If you have family and friends living in your chosen wedding destination, they will be able to help a lot with checking out the venue and organising things from that end. Regardless though, you and your partner will need to plan a planning trip to meet face-to-face with the venue coordinator, marriage celebrant, DJ / band and any other vendors.

Get Tech Savvy
The computer and internet will be your best friend for long distance wedding planning, especially if there’s no family or friends over there to help you out. There is nothing like face-to-face interaction during the planning stages so Skype and Facetime will be a huge help. If you have no-one to check out the venues and suppliers on your behalf, reviews on websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor will be a huge help.
Apps like Dropbox and Google Docs will be perfect for sharing large files and countless amounts of quotes, emails, pictures and ideas. They will also be a great way to track the planning process and keep everything together.

Regardless of how organised you are it’s near impossible to manage everything yourself so it’s best not to even try. Balance decisions with your partner and delegate things to organise to them, friends, family and a point of contact in your desired wedding location. Create a wedding checklist so you don’t forget any of the smaller details and assign a person you can trust to each task.

Author Bio
Jayde Ferguson writes for Viva Photography and specialises in wedding photography throughout Melbourne and Perth. Catch Jayde on Google+ to discuss this piece.

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Planning an overseas wedding

Thinking of taking a trip overseas to your favourite holiday location? Why not have your wedding there too!

Many couples are moving their nuptials to an exotic location and are taking their families and friends with them for the ride. According to recent studies, Bali is one of the top wedding destination for Australian couples, followed by Thailand, Fiji and Tahiti. However, unlike planning a holiday, organising a destination wedding takes a whole lot of work, and maybe a few stressful moments.

To help couples wed overseas, the team at Cheapflights ( have created a comprehensive and fun eBook – Getting Married Abroad.

Here are some of their top tips for planning that all important day:

  • Get your Save the Date cards out to guests as early as possible
  • Research the country you will wed in – every country has different laws, rules and regulations when it comes to wedding ceremonies
  • Speak to the wedding co-ordinator at your destination – many resorts have a qualified event planner that can help foreign couples get what they need to plan their wedding
  • Find a gown that will be easily packed, isn’t heavy and doesn’t require too much fiddling – such as a flowing kaftan or lightweight silk dress
  • Check weather forecasts for the area you would like to marry at – this helps with the theme of your wedding and also helps you decide what to pack
  • Find out what official documents you will need to have with you. This includes birth certificates, valid passports etc. They will need to be translated to the destination’s official language.
  • Decide on your budget – this is needed for any wedding, but is especially important as you can get carried away when staying overseas. Don’t forget all your guests have to book accommodation and flights too!
  • Organise some activities for your guests to do. This is after all a holiday for them too. Maybe organise special welcome packs in their rooms that introduce them to the area.

The eBook also has great suggestions on where you should have your destination wedding, from the castles of Rome to the Island of Nevis.

It may seem daunting at first, but once you are standing across from your loved one with your feet in the sand (or wherever your heart desires!) you will know planning a destination wedding was worth the trouble.

For more information and to download the eBook, visit

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Social Media: the Unwelcome Wedding Guest of #2014

Rachel Bentick, Bridal Coach from Inlighten wedding photography, explains how to navigate the murky waters of social media and weddings

With the wedding season truly upon us, an emerging new trend is showing that social media is fast becoming the greatest wedding crasher of all time. In earlier days, a wedding crasher was easy enough to spot, but thanks to social media, a single compulsive sharer can make a wedding privy to thousands of uninvited guests as they watch the event unfold in real time.

To put it into perspective, more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush. Combine this with the knowledge that more than 90% of all humans who have ever taken a photo have only done so on a camera phone, and you can see why this phenomena is becoming a major concern to modern day couples about to tie the knot.

As a Bridal Coach from Inlighten, I have been involved with over 1,000 weddings and seen firsthand the damage that can be done by shutter bug guests. I know that social media can turn a joyful day into a catastrophic one with just a single Tweet. From unflattering photos to the untimely ‘reveal’ of the bride before the groom has even seen her, the online sharing of a couple’s eternal and extraordinarily private moment is becoming an increasingly tricky dilemma for newlyweds.

So as a wedding guest, before you whip out your phone to tweet, post or hashtag at the next wedding, take a look at my expert advice:

1. Don’t post wedding snaps on any social media site before you know what the deal is. To no-one’s surprise, newlyweds often like to be the first to share their official wedding photos with the rest of the world. So, although you can’t wait to share their special moment with 2,000 of your closest friends, think twice. Find out if the wedding is social media friendly and avoid being guilty of bursting the couple’s matrimonial bubble of bliss.

2. Do think twice about what and how often you post if social media is allowed. Just because you’ve been given the green light to chronicle the wedding online, doesn’t make it okay to post a selfie while downing shots in the bathroom after the ceremony. If you’re unsure how the bride and groom might receive your photo then don’t risk offending them. The same can be said for too many photos. Posting updates as though you’re live-streaming the wedding to a major news network is a big no-no.

3. Don’t act like the paparazzi. Unless you’ve been specifically instructed or paid to document the wedding, then you’re considered a guest. You’ve been invited to experience the wedding not capture it’s every moment, so don’t waste the big reveal by watching it through an electronic screen.

 4. Do stay out of the photographer’s way. Nothing kills the romance of a wedding better than a line of glowing iPhone screens bordering the aisle. Stopping at nothing to capture the best shot not only irritates other guests; your backside certainly won’t impress the bride and groom when it features in all of their treasured wedding photos.

And for the bride and groom, I recommend:

1. Don’t tell people they can’t take photos of themselves at your wedding. While ‘unplugged’ weddings are becoming very common, telling guests that they can’t take photos of themselves is border-lining Bridezilla. Instead, ask guests to take pictures but embargo them until after the wedding.  For ease, make this clear on your invitation.

2. Do provide guests with a hashtag. It’s becoming increasingly popular for brides and grooms to provide guests with a ‘wedding day hashtag’. Not only can it help you to monitor what’s being put online, it also means you can crowd-source candid snaps for yourself – just make sure no-one else has used the same hashtag!

For more expert wedding advice on social media wedding etiquette, click here

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Weddings: Just Desserts

Jean Michel Raynaud, award-winning Patissier from Baroque Bistro in The Rocks, gives his expert advice on catering for your sweet-toothed guests on your wedding day

“Firstly, a wedding dessert has to be in line with the rest of the meal and event. We need to have a clear understanding of what the style of the client is and take a holistic approach. You aren’t going to serve something fruity if you have had a heavier offering at the front. We work with the chef to makes sure it is aligned with the rest of meal. Sometimes I put incorporate an ingredient from the main meal. For example, if it is Duck a l’Orange I make sure I have the tang of orange in the dessert.

People used to have big weddings with a big fluffy dress but they are a lot simpler now. It is the same with the food. We used to overcomplicate things with multiple textures and flavours but now we have gone back to simpler food, focussing on quality ingredients. It doesn’t make it easier at all to do but I think it is much better food.

For example, I am making a Saint Honoré cake for an event which has been made for hundreds of years but making it modern. Or I might make éclairs but instead of with custard, I will make a chocolate emulsion with freeze-dried lime. They are classical desserts with a modern twist.”

For more wedding dessert and cake inspiration, visit the Cake Bake & Sweets Show taking place on the 21-23rd March 2014 at the Sydney Showgrounds. The event will host the likes of Jean Michel Raynaud, Adriano Zumbo and British Pâtissier of the Year, Eric Lanlard.

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Wedding Trends 2014

Interior designer and TV presenter Tara Dennis shares her wedding styling tips

Make the wedding theme yours with ‘handmade’ touches for a unique celebration. Crafting allows you to get involved and include beautiful, considered details and fun elements which all add to the party atmosphere.

Bunting, garlands and tissue paper pom poms are some of my favourite ways to add instant life to a room and are all easy to make. Photo booth backdrops are always a hit and on a smaller scale a decorated picture frame is a cute idea to hand around for guest photos.

Recent wedding trends have centred a lot around typography — that is, the art of written words. Whether it be calligraphy or a handwritten sign, typography is everywhere. It’s a really nice way to demonstrate the style of your wedding theme right from the word go with save the dates, invitations, and finally place cards, and signs on the big day.

Get your friends involved and organize a “crafternoon”, or, if time is short and you still want the handmade look, shop online at fabulous sites such as Etsy.

For the truly romantic wedding theme, don’t be afraid to mix it up. Heirloom tableware from Nanna such a vintage floral plates, condiment sets, pressed and cut glass and old-fashioned cakes stands can look stunning paired with modern pieces. For this look, avoid overdone floral bouquets and opt for small, simple arrangements in anything from tea cups to jam jars. Places to shop for vintage include op shops, garage sales and Gumtree.

Keep it simple. If fuss is not your thing, take inspiration for your wedding décor from Scandinavian style which focuses on clean lines, classic materials, plenty of white and pops of colour. I’m loving this season’s Scandi pastel palette which includes sherbet yellow, mint green, powder blue, soft coral and blush pink.

Shiny metallic accents add glamour and style to any wedding theme and silver and pewter have always been popular. This year thought they’re being given a run for their money by warmer metallics like rose gold, yellow gold, bronze and copper. Pair any of these with blush pink details and plenty of pearly white for a divine wedding palette. I love the metallic patty pans which are easy to find and if you want to add your handmade own touch, try creating cake toppers from toothpicks and pretty cardboard, Cut out hearts, little flags, stars, or whatever shape you prefer and glue to the top of the toothpicks. These can be personalised with names, and really do add an individual touch.

Success with succulents: For table centre pieces with a difference, consider succulents instead of flowers. They make fantastic and original table decorations, and can even make it into the bridal bouquet! As an alternative to traditional wedding favours, use small ceramic or clay pots and plant them weeks ahead of the big day to save time.

Be inspired by the seasons: Choose key colours and textures and incorporate them into your plans.

Wedding cakes have been changing over recent years. From the traditional tiered fruit cake, to the iced mud cake, now more popular than ever is cupcakes! You can even have your guests personalise their own cupcake by having an array of decorations to add to the already iced cakes.

Do it yourself dessert bars are so popular at parties of any kind and really fun for modern weddings too. You can even theme your dessert bar so that it goes with the colour scheme for your wedding. Chinese noodle boxes make convenient alternatives to plates and bowls. Simply choose lollies and sweet treats that match with the rest of your decorations, and let your guests do the rest.

Say cheese!  With so many of us having smart phones you can be sure that any big event such as a wedding will have your friends’ social media accounts going berserk. Have any guests wanting to take photos on the day set up an Instagram account, and personalise any photos they take with your own unique hashtag, that way, you’ll be able to look at the range of photos that everyone has taken later on, and it’s a great way for everyone to feel that they have made a contribution!

For more of Tara Dennis’ great styling tips, see her at Reed Gift Fair Sydney, February 15-19, 2014.

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Find the perfect engagement ring

The guy’s guide to engagement ring shopping by Larsen Jewellery

You have finally found “the one” and you have decided that is time to get down on one knee and put a rock on her finger. All of a sudden you might be feeling completely overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing the engagement ring that is going to win her heart!

Grooms-to-be, there is no need to panic. This is just a small obstacle in the road and with a bit of savvy detective work you will be back on track with confidence and excitement with your choice. Here are five helpful tips on how to find that perfect engagement ring for the love of your life.

1. She may already be dropping hints.

It’s time to wake up gentlemen, because it is quite likely that if you have come to this decision, then she has probably been patiently waiting for you to propose, leaving little hints right there in front of you. Keep an eye out for magazines or websites she might leave open on a certain page or comments she might make on friend’s engagement rings that she loves or loathes.  

2. What is her style?

This is so important. You are not going to choose a fine floral vintage-inspired engagement ring if she loves big, bold and modern jewellery. Take a note of what kind of jewellery she normally wears. Doe she wear white or yellow gold-coloured jewellery? Does she wear fine and elegant pieces or big ostentatious statement pieces? Is her style more modern, clean and sleek or pretty and feminine?

3. Does she have a favourite gemstone?

Diamonds are not the only option for an engagement ring. She might have a favourite coloured gemstone. I suggest only going down this road if you are absolutely certain. If you are unsure, you can’t go wrong with diamonds.

4. Ask her family and friends

In this time of need, friends and family are an invaluable resource. So do not be shy to ask their opinion! There is a very good chance that her best friend will know in detail exactly what she wants in an engagement ring and may even be your moral support at the jewellers.

5. When all else fails…

 If after all this detective work you are still not confident that you will choose the right engagement ring, then there are two choices:

Option One: a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring – timeless and elegant.

Option Two: simply propose with a diamond. This is a fantastic option, you get the best of both worlds; the dream proposal with that dazzling diamond and she will get the ring she has dreamed of. Together you can enjoy the process with your jeweller; designing and bringing to life a ring that you both love.

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Overcoming Wedding Speech Jitters

By Blossom Benedict

Speeches can be some of the most memorable and treasured moments in a wedding. They are a beautiful opportunity for the people closest to the happy couple to share memories, give their blessing and create greater closeness among the guests.

Unfortunately, the joyful candour possible is often annihilated by the simple fact that public speaking is continuously rated among the top fears in the world.

This means many of the guests bestowed the great privilege of making a special toast may spend more time worrying about their wedding speech and what they will say than actually enjoying the wedding!  Sweaty palms, nausea, forgotten words or simply being preoccupied with your speech until it is over can quickly take away the true joy of the occasion.

Here are some quick tips for overcoming fear, having ease at the mic and giving a great wedding speech!

Before Your Speech

Notice what your are telling yourself If you are saying things like “what if I forget the words?”, “I wish I didn’t have to do this”, “I hate giving speeches”, none of those are helpful, and if you are preoccupied with that energy, that is exactly what you will create.

Try replacing all the statements you are telling yourself with questions. Some of my favorites include: “What would it take for this to be fun?”, “How can this turn out better than I could possibly imagine?” or “What else is possible?”

Ask: Is this fear or excitement?  It’s so easy to assume that we are afraid of things that are actually quite exciting! Butterflies are not necessarily a bad thing before your wedding speech. They only get in the way when you conclude you are afraid. We all hear amazing stories of little old ladies lifting cars when they have adrenaline coursing through their veins. Learn to use this adrenaline and excitement to your advantage.

During Your Speech

Let down your barriers We think we have to protect ourselves in front of people so we often erect walls around ourselves. Vulnerability and authenticity are actually two of the most seductive and captivating characteristics in front of a crowd. Before you speak, take a couple of deep breaths and intentionally push down anything that makes you want to protect or defend yourself or try to get it right. It’s a little uncomfortable at first, but the difference it makes is dramatic.

Don’t take yourself too seriously When you are uncomfortable, your audience gets uncomfortable. Shake off your jitters with a bit of humor and let them know that you will all live through your speech and could even possibly enjoy it!

Forget everything you have been taught about speeches Instead of giving a speech… just talk!  The most memorable wedding speeches do not feel like speeches. Rather than writing everything down and reading it, try just putting bullet points on a note card.

If you have been asked to give a wedding speech, you probably know the bride or groom well. Your life with them has been your preparation. Why do you love this person? What are some of your fondest memories that other quests may not know? And what is your wish for them and their new spouse going forward? Tap into that energy, trust yourself and just talk to them.

After Your Speech

Don’t judge your speech during the applause  When people are clapping, it’s easy to want to wave them off or divert your eyes down, especially if you don’t think you did your best. Resist this urge. Take this moment instead to be grateful for the couple and for everyone in the room listening to you. If you stay in this grateful and confident energy at the end, people will actually remember your speech as much better than if you start judging yourself.

Forget about it The night is about the happy couple, not about you. No matter great or how terribly you feel your wedding speech went, when it’s over, it’s time to get back to celebrating. Every time anything pops into your head trying to figure out how well you did or did not do, say to yourself “how does it get better than that?”  Good or bad, you are asking to have an even better night!

Blossom Benedict is an international speaker and radio host. For more information please visit or

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Hen Party Games

Cocktails, your girls and some hen party games...a recipe for a fun night!

By Sabrina Mable

Hens have the license to have the time of their life during their hen do. Make that happen by adding some hen party games into the mix of activities. Though hen nights can be out-of-control expensive, games will add heaps of fun without adding much further expense.

Play It Anywhere

The hen party itself can take place in a pub, bar, club, restaurant, private home, hotel room, or pretty much anywhere. The location will of course change the hen party games you can play; though bashing a piñata can be a lot of fun, pubs or clubs might not be the best place to get into it!

However, there are a lot of other hen party games to enjoy in a club, bar, or pub. If the party will be held in a packed place, make sure to bring a set of bought or homemade hen party dare cards which can be done anywhere.

A Private Affair

If you decide on a private gathering, such as a hen party in your home, there are a lot more games to choose from. Here are some simple hen party games to get your night started.

Bridal Pictionary

The organiser should write wedding-related words on pieces of paper and put them in a container. Players should split into two groups. A person from one team chooses a pieces of paper and attempts to draw the word on it. Her team has to guess what that word is. If her team fails to get the correct answer, the opposing team is given a chance to guess what that word is. Each correct answer is one point and the team with the most number of points will win.

Balloon Questions

Make the celebrant blush by playing Balloon Questions. The party’s organiser should write 10 embarrassing questions and put those inside balloons before inflating them. To play the game, the bride-to-be pops each of those balloons and answers each question.

“I’ve Never…”

This is a fun and simple drinking game for those that plan on getting a bit wild. The group just needs to gather around in a circle and take turns saying something they have never done. The first person can then say, for instance, “I’ve never slept on a sandy beach.” Those who have done should then take a shot of alcohol. It is a great ice breaker as it is a fast way to get to know something about everyone in the group.

Advice for the Bride

It’s time to get creative with a beautiful Origami arrangement of flowers and hearts for the bride filled with advice for her. Each guest should just come up with good or wacky advice for the bride and fold them creatively. Gather all those Origami works and create the bouquet. During the celebration, the bride can unfold and read out the advice given and choose the best one. The friend that gives the best advice should win a prize.

Handbag Game

The Handbag Game a great ice breaker. Each guest should get three items from their handbag and put them in one container. To play, each guest picks an item from the container and tries to guess who owns that particular item. Each correct answer is one point and the one with the highest number of points wins.

Male Model

To play Male Model, the whole group will have to be divided into different teams. Each team gets some clay to work with and a body part to work on. After moulding the body part they were assigned to make, all the parts are gathered in one area. Then, everyone will have to guess the body part based on the moulded creations. This game gets quite funny when guests make the wrong guesses on some innocent-looking body parts.

Sabrina Mable is an author and authority on planning hen parties. She currently works for (where you can find even more hen party game ideas!) and specialises in creating hen party packages for fun and memorable hen parties in Ireland. Follow her on Twitter.

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The top 5 wedding accounts to follow on Twitter:


5. Wedding Market  @weddingmarket  55k followers

These guys are a one-stop-shop for those who want to know, or are in, the wedding industry. Showing trends and marketing information about the wedding industry, as well as the bridal market, these folk are a great source of information and a fantastic insight into how vendors and designers interact and share their ideas.


4. Wedding Wire  @WeddingWire  181k followers

Based in Washington, these people provide fantastic ideas to make the planning and execution of your wedding as easy as possible. Their twitter account is a great place to wile away the hours and get inspired for your own wedding.


 3. Weddingbee  @weddingbee 36k followers

This account is a great way to feel a part of a huge community interested in weddings. Build your own online presence by interacting with the various bloggers who are mentioned on weddingbee’s twitter account. (Favourite post: 63% of women wouldn’t say yes to a Jumbotron proposal at a stadium – would you?)


 2. Ruffled®  @ruffledblog 44k followers

Ruffled’s account revolves around creative, DIY approaches to your own wedding and can be an amazing source of inspiration, from saving on just some of the smaller aspects of your wedding to designing an amazing wedding day at a minimal cost. With references to both Australian and international weddings, they are a great way to gauge wedding trends around the world.


1. Vera Wang @VeraWangGang 500k followers

This has to be our number one source of inspiration and general drooling. An American based fashion designer, Vera Wang has been a source of industry idolisation for decades and her twitter account is the number one place to keep up to date with her latest designs and personal opinions. (Latest post we love: “A wedding gown is about self-expression. It’s about a woman’s creativity, sense of self, intelligence and sense of romance.”)


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A Favourite Wedding Planning App:

Wedding Planning App Image

Having recently posted about fantastic wedding inspired apps as well as wedding organisers, here is a detailed look at one of the best wedding planning apps available on the market.

Developed for the iPad by Createful, designers had user experience at the forefront of their minds when creating Wedding Planner.

This app puts all the little things you would need to keep in check into the one app.
You can manage your seating plan within a designated section of the app, adding tables, rotating them, adding guests from your guest list and managing more than one template if you want to see how different arrangements work or if you have multiple rooms in use on the night.

As mentioned, the guest list is covered, including those that are there for the whole day
or an evening only guest, plus their RSVP status and any other notes you wish to add.

Colour schemes are covered, as well as To-Do lists and quick post-it style notes
that you can drag around your home screen.

But there are three major faculties of this app that will make it that much less stressful to organise your wedding.

1.    A Budget Planner: forget about countless spreadsheets and lost pieces of paper under    the couch; your entire budget can be planned and adjusted within this app.
2.    A Vendors List: you won’t be able to create your budget if you don’t have a clear idea of the various company’s you will be using to service the success of your wedding. You can track costs, what you have paid and what you have yet to pay and get an overall idea of what your spend will be.
3.    A Day Schedule: you can have the entire wedding day planned to the minute (though we know how impossible this can be). But there is no doubt that you will be able to plan out the major events of the day, and finally export this timeline for your bridal party and family so they know what will be going on.

This app is a great mix of creatively led design with considered substance: unlike some other similar apps, this has everything you need to keep your ideas and plans in order.

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