Editorial Photoshoot: I’m With The Band

Photographer Nick Scott at The Dolling Agency | Makeup Pernilla Ackerfors | Models Caitlin Nelson at Vivien’s Model Management and Jake Gordon at London Management | Jewellery Amelleé

Photo 1
Dress: Rachel Gilbert | Bracelet by Kailis  | Grey short suit: ASOS | Shirt: Abelard  |Bowtie and pocket square by Le Noeud Papillon from Strand Hatters 

Photo 2
Dress: Aje. | Cuff by Jan Logan

Photo 3
Dress: Carla Zampatti | “Avery” hand chain by Johanna Johnson |Bracelet by Kailis  |Heels: The Mode Collective | Suit by Abelard | Shirt by Geoffrey Beene | Paisley cravat by Le Noeud Papillon and Hampton hat from Strand Hatters

Photo 4
Dress by Rachel Gilbert | “Colbert” bracelet and beaded heels by Johanna Johnson | Navy suit by Crane Bros. |Floral shirt from ASOS

Photo 5
Dress by Aje. | Necklace by Amelleé | Akubra Speakeasy hat from Strand Hatters| Cuff by Jan Logan| Suit by SABA  | Spot shirt from ASOS (asos.com.au) | LNP blue bowtie from  Strand Hatters | White suit by Carla Zampatti (carlazampatti.com.au)

Photo 6
Bustier by Aje. | Necklace by Kailis | Heels from The Mode Collective

Photo 7
Dress by Carla Zampatti | Necklace by Amelee | Earrings by Jan Logan | Gloves by Dents | Heels from The Mode Collective | Suit by Abelard | Shirt by Crane Bros. | LNP bowtie and pocket square from Strand Hatters | Shoes by Windsor Smith | Ae’lkemi fur coat

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Camilla and Marc launches Bridesmaid Suite in Sydney

A new shopping experience for brides and their bridesmaids is here! And we’re pretty excited to share it with all you lovely ladies looking for the perfect bridal party dresses.

Iconic Australian label Camilla and Marc has just launched its sophisticated bridesmaid suite and this beautiful sunlit room, perched above their Five Ways Paddington boutique store, is filled with pastel shades, perfectly crafted shapes and feminine, floaty details that can only be described as the stuff of dreams.

Based on the bride’s brief prior to the appointment, a Camilla and Marc stylist will be on hand to pick dresses that will complement each individual bridesmaid and their shape and while the girls search for that perfect bridal party combo, brides will also have the opportunity to preview some elegant Camilla and Marc gowns.

During all of this, brides-to-be and their bridesmaids will be privy to a VIP shopping experience, complete with premium service and refreshments.

And at the end, all lovely ladies will even leave with an essentials kit stuffed into their hot little hands that will see them through the wedding day.

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Real Wedding: Maria & Nicholas

Finding the perfect reception venue was a priority for this couple as they wanted an intimate and fresh vibe. They decided on the MV Pearl. “Every penny spent there was well worth it!” says Maria.

As the celebrations took off at sunset from Docklands, the couple looked at each other and knew they were in for a magical night. What followed was an event of dancing and decadent food, all with the assistance of the operations manager, Alex. “We cannot praise him enough,” says Maria.

MV Pearl
81 Bay Street Brighton 3186
Ph: 0425 817 151
E: events@mvpearl.com.au
W: mvpearl.com.au

Bride’s Dress: Jane Hill Bridal | Bride’s Shoes: Tony Bianco | Bridesmaids Dresses: Leafy Couture | Flowergirl Dresses: Tute de Monde | Flowergirl’s accessories: Flower Jar | Groom’s Suit: Calibre | Groomsmen’s suits: Zara | Photographer: Noble Photography | Hair: Rokk Ebony | Makeup: Evoke Hair and Makeup | Jewellery: Pandora | Stationery: Leo Ishii Letterpress | Flowers: Flower Jar | Transport: Europcar and Sports Car Rental

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Designer Profile: Lobelia Couture

Our friends over at Lobelia Couture are well-known for their stunning bodices and dramatic skirts, which is why we’re super excited about their new collection AFIRE.

For those dreaming of a wedding gown that can be worn more than once, this contemporary collection might just be the perfect solution. Lobelia Couture’s signature mix-and-match bodice and skirt options, paired with fine European lace and tulle, shorter hemlines and flirty silhouettes offer magical, wearable creations for the most modern of brides.

The Lobelia Couture AFIRE collection is priced from $350.00 and available to purchase online at: www.lobeliacouture.com

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Editorial Photoshoot: Wild at Heart

Free spirited and bohemian style for a modern and relaxed approach to your big day.

Photography: Nick Scott @ The Dolling Agency | Hair and Makeup: Allison Boyle @ The Artist Group | Fashion Editor: Mimi O’Brien | Assisted by: Lauren Kate Johnston | Model: Milena @ Viviens Management| Bouquets: Susan Avery

Photo 1 & 2: Dress by Souraya| Headpiece & Jewellery: Stephanie Browne
Photo 3: Sarah Gown by Akina Bridal Couture (pictured with brooch and satin belt) | Jenepher Walker Headpiece available at Akina Bridal Couture
Photo 4: Dress and Headpiece by Vellos Bridal and Evening Couture | Shoes by Panache Bridal Shoes  | Jewellery by Tiffany and Co.
Photo 5: Dress by Designs by Melanie Ford, Jewellery by Tiffany and Co.  | Shoes by Panache Bridal Shoes 
Photo 6, 7 & 8: Dress by Designs by Melanie Ford, Earrings by Stephanie Browne, Ring by Magnolia | Shoes by Midas

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Taking the Plunge – 5 Reasons Why Skydiving is the Best way to Propose

Jayde Ferguson, writer for Southern Skydivers, Perth’s best skydiving proposal experiences with magnificent views of the WA coast.

Finding someone to tie the knot with is a pretty big deal, but the pressure to pick the right moment and how you’re going to ask is even bigger. From romantic to extreme, there are so many ways to propose to your significant other but at the end of the day you just want it to be the perfect experience – one that’ll get their heart racing.

For some, taking the plunge whilst tandem skydiving has proven to be a fantastic opportunity to ask for your loved one’s hand in marriage. On top of the actual proposal itself, skydiving is one of the few experiences that is bound to get your blood pumping. Marriage is all about trusting your life with this other person – and there is no clearer way to show that by jumping into freefall with them. Here’s a few reasons why skydiving is the coolest, most exciting and adrenaline boosting proposal yet.

1. A Proposal to Remember

When you propose to someone, you want it to be forever. Thus, the actual proposal needs to be something pretty spectacular – you’ll both want to look back on it for years to come. If you’re both adrenaline junkies naturally, then your significant other will no doubt get an extra kick out of seeing the ring or proposal message in the air and really get them falling for you all over again.

2. The Options are Endless

One of the best things about proposing to your loved one through the art of skydiving is that there’s more than one way to do it. The first choice and easiest option is to have a huge banner on the ground right where you and your loved one will land. As you can’t propose verbally when you’re being hurled through the air at the speed of lightning, this would ensure your partner gets the message as they near the ground. If you’re the type of person that does want to do the traditional “get on one knee”, you can plan the jump so you reach the ground first waiting with the ring and bottle of champagne. If you want to be super prepared, you can let everyone else in on the secret too so friends, family and a photographer can be waiting with you to capture the special moment.

Another option for a skydiving proposal can be the moment before you jump – then you can celebrate when you land. Ask your loved one for their hand in marriage the moment as they’re about to leave the plane so this way, they’ll have the adrenalin rushing through them from the jump as well as butterflies in their tummy from the unexpected romantic moment. Once you land, you can take the sparkling ring out of its safe spot to put on her finger.

No matter what way you decide for a skydiving proposal, you can still arrange for the moment to be as traditional and as romantic as you desire. What about getting the skydiving company in on it too? They can make an announcement over the loud speaker or play your song together as you both reach the bottom. Anyway, you can definitely look forward to the passionate kiss that’ll follow such a daring, exciting and heartfelt proposal.

3. Choice of Location

A skydiving proposal doesn’t just have to be limited to your area; you can use it as an opportunity to visit somewhere different or a location that is meaningful to you both. Depending on how big you want the proposal to be, you can arrange for a short trip to an exotic location for the experience (this may make it easier for you to persuade them to come skydiving if they are unsure about it!) or you can just stick to somewhere local which will still offer an amazing experience for you both.

Check out this post on the top 9 skydiving destination in the world for some ideas. Depending on the time frame and budget, you can be as mysterious or as simple as you like.

4. It’s all on Video

Come wedding day, no moment is ever missed with photographers snapping away and friends recording video footage – but what about the actual proposal? Because the proposal tends to be the more privately planned moment, it can be hard to capture it for you both to look back on in years to come.

A great advantage about a skydiving proposal is you’ll have the chance to have it all on video – without giving the surprise away. Most skydiving companies will offer a package that consists of photos and the skydiving experience filmed from the moment you get on the plane, to the moment you’re both on the ground safely landed (and happily engaged – hopefully!) This way, the entire magic of the day is recorded for future reference.

5. It will leave them Breathless

There is nothing more spectacular than a proposal that really leaves you both breathless. The hype, anticipation and excitement from any proposal is enough to put anyone in a whirlwind spin of a natural high, but combining that feeling with an adrenalin-fuelled skydiving experience wont fail to have your loved one gasping with delight as you show how you truly fell for them.

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nzoneskydive/13462121854/in/photostream/


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Designer Profiles: Brides by Francesca

Brides and Boudoir 2015 by Brides by Francesca is the perfect balance of beauty and seduction.

Brides By Francesca | Sydney Glamour Photo | Ashleigh Cormack Makeup | Maria’s Curls | Cristy Garces | SJ Lingerie | Maria Elena Headpieces

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Real Wedding: Jess & Ben

Ben and Jessica met as university students and moved in together after a few months. After over five years together, Ben planned a very romantic proposal while they were visiting his parents.

“His sister and I were shopping and she went to check when a show was on at the local theatre. When we arrived, the ‘owner’ came out the front in a fluster and said he was doing a sound check alone and couldn’t figure out where a humming noise was coming from. He asked if we could come in and listen when he adjusted some levels. So we went in and sat down, the lights dimmed, the curtains opened and Ben was sitting on stage in a suit with his guitar and played me a song he had written just for me. When he was finished, I was crying and ran up to meet him by the stage, he got down on his knee, told me would love me forever and proposed!” says Jessica

Bride’s Gown: Frockoholics | Bride’s Shoes: The Iconic |Groomsmen’s Suits: yd. |Photography: The Evoke Company | Hair: The Chelsea Artistic Hair and Beauty Group, Wollongong | Jewellery: Swarovski | Flowers: Silk flowers from Morgann Hill Designs | Venue: The Sebel Harbourside Kiama | Bomboniere: Weddingstar | Honeymoon: Seminyak and Sanur, Bali

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Editorial Photoshoot: Age of Innocence

Beauty can be found in the most unlikely places. An industrial warehouse is brought to life with beautiful lace gowns and pretty florals.

Photography: Alex Pott | Hair and Makeup: Bernice Mansfield | Creative Direction: Kate Telfer | Flowers: Ivy and Eve | Assistants: Steph Dunbar, Georgia Westgarth | Talent: Jasmine Dwyer @ Vivien’s Models

Photo 1 & 2: Flowers by Ivy and Eve
Photo 2: Gown by The Designer Bridal Room
Photo 3: Gown by Thurley
Photo 1, 4, 5, 6 & 7: Gown by Tanya Didenko Couture

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Real Wedding: Bec & James

After meeting each other in their early teens, Bec and James “sealed the deal” at a gorgeous country estate.
The first time Bec and James met was when they were 12 years old at a local holiday tennis camp. “James asked for my number at the end of the camp while we were eating ice creams so, naturally, I wrote my home phone number on his Cornetto wrapper. He called me a few weeks later to ask me to go to the movies. He said he would call me the following week to confirm the movie date… but he never called back. To this day, he sticks by the story that his mum had thought the ice-cream wrapper was rubbish and had thrown it out and that’s why he couldn’t call me back. Not sure I believe that one!” says Bec.

Years passed and the couple didn’t see each other again until they bumped into each other at a friends’ 16th birthday party. “James asked me out at the end of the night and we’ve been together ever since,” says Bec.

Bride’s Gown: Karen Willis Holmes| Bride’s Shoes: Panache Bridal Shoes | Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Bridesmaids Only | Flower Girl’s Dress: David Jones | Groomsmen’s Suits: Oxford Luxury | Groomsmen’s Ties: Calvin Klein | Photography: At Dusk Photography | Hair: Laura Morales Morris | Makeup: Emma Alexandra Makeup | Flowers: Terrara House Estate | Cake: Faye Cahill Cake Design | Entertainment: The Escalators | Honeymoon: Africa

For more real wedding inspiration grab a copy of the latest issue of Complete Wedding.

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